Workshop and Party Faq's

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to attend a class?

Our prices start at $45. Prices may vary based on the class you are attending. Some public classes include wine tastings, food samples, appetizers, waiter gratuity etc. in the cost of the class or they may be optional depending on the venue. Details will be included in class descriptions.

Where do I see design and stain options at?

Please go the link to register for a party. In the description you will fin dthe link to designs for that specific class. For public classes, designs can also be seen on the Current Designs page under Workshops and Parties.

Can I made more than one sign?

Definitely! We recommend not doing more than 3 signs at one time.

Do I need to register beforehand?

Yes. We have to prep all materials before the party. If you do not register before a class or private party, we cannot guarantee we will have extra supplies for you to paint at a party.

Do I need to pay when I register?

Yes. Registration includes the payment process. We need payment beforehand so we can get your materials ready for the class or party. Payment also secures our spot as spaces in each class are limited.

Can I make a custom design?

Please read the description on the registration page for the specific class or party you are wanting to attend. We do not offer custom desgins at each class.

What do I need to do in order to request a custom design?

Send Amanda a Facebook message or email BEFORE you place your order. Amanda will need to approve your custom design and give you additional checkout instructions.

Do custom designs have an additonal cost?

Yes. There is more prep work and cost in materials for custom designs.

I saw a design on your Facebook page that someone else did, can I make that?

If it is not a design on our options page, it will be considered a custom design. As long as custom designs are allowed for the class you are wanting to attend, then yes, you can make it. Please follow the instructions for custom orders before checking out.

We have a group of people who are wanting to sign up for a public class, what should we do?

We recommend having one person register for everyone in one transaction. This will allow us to seat your whole group together. Doing so will also ensure your whole group will get in before the class sells out.

I am having trouble checking out, what should I do?

Please Facebook message or email Amanda. Sometimes our website host does have issues so we would like to know about said issues so can alert them.

I want to attend a public class, but it says out of stock?

If a class say out of stock, that means either the registration is not active yet or the class is sold out. If a class is sold out, we are usually at full capacity. Please send an email if you like to be added to a waitlist.

Is anything be shipped to me?

No. Our website requires a shipping profile. Please choose the paint party option. There is no shipping charge and nothing will be shipped to you. All of your supplies will be waiting for you at the class or party.

What is your refund policy if I cannot attend?

Please click here to read our refund/cancellation policy.

Can I register for a party once the deadline has passed?

No, we do not accept registrations after the deadline.

Can I change my sign after I have already registered?

No, sorry, once you have registered we cannot accept any changes to the design, sizes, or stain colors.

Hosting A Party FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to host a party?

There is a $35 booking fee that the host will pay to secure their date. Everyone pays for their own signs.

What does it take to host a party?

You will need at least 10 people to attend your party. If you host at your home please be sure to have adequate space, tables, and set up space. If you prefer to host at a separate venue please call and reserve space and make sure they have adequate space, tables, etc.

Where can I host a party?

Wherever you'd like! You can host at your home, a restaurant, coffee shop, etc!

Are there any hostess rewards?

Yes! You will recieve one standard size sign for free that you get to paint yourself.

How many people can attend a party?

You need a minimum of 10 people to host a party. We recommend no more than 15 people. If you have a larger party, please Facebook message or email Amanda to discuss.

How can I earn more rewards?

If a friend books their own party at your party, you will receive one sign 50% off to paint at their party!

Do I register for myself before the deadline?

No. You will wait until after the given deadline for Amanda to give you your final count. That way, we will know what discounts you get.

How do I see who has signed up for my party?

Send Amanda a message and she will get you an updated list.

There are people who have marked interested in my event that I don't know. Can we make the event private?

Unforunately, since we are a public page, we cannot make the event private. I give you a list along the way that shows those who have signed up. We haven't had anyone sign up for an event that the host didn't know.

Can someone register for the party after the deadline has passed?

Possibly. We can not guarantee, but please Facebook message or email Amanda and we can see what we can do.

Can someone come to my party if they didn't register?

Sometimes we will have extra signs available that they may purchase and paint for the party. We do prefer no bystanders as the cost does include demonstration and learning tricks we have perfected over the years.

Fundraiser FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to host a fundraiser?

There is a $35 booking fee that the organization will pay to secure their date. Everyone pays for their own signs.

How much money will my organization make?

You will recieve $10 per person who registers.

Can anyone host a fundraiser?

Please send us as much information as you can about your organization and purpose for the fundraiser so we can review it. We can only do a certain amount of fundraisers each year.

How will people register for our fundraiser?

Everyone will register and pay through our website. You will recieve a check to your organization on the day of the fundraiser!

How will we advertise for the fundraiser?

Amanda will create a Facebook event which you can use to invite people and share with others. You will also be supplied with a PDF flyer that you can print and share. Please let Amanda know if any food, drinks, etc. will be provided so people will know to bring cash.

How many people can attend the fundraiser?

There must be a minimum of ten people in order to hold the event. We recommend no more than 20 people. If you think you will have more than 20 people, please let us know and we can discuss options!