WMG presents....Tuesday Game Night! Join us LIVE every Tuesday night for games, prizes, and fun!!  Here's how it works:


Purchase a bag which will be filled with WMG products with a value of $35-40 (or more!). During Tuesday Game Night, we will go LIVE to play Deal or No Deal! Choose a bag and find what you've won! Want to take your chances on an even better prize? Say "No Deal" and choose a second bag! But be careful...you can only say "No Deal" once! Will you get the best deal!?


After everyone has won their bag, we will play Wingo! A fast pased game of who can get an entire line of numbers first! You'll want to pay attention because if you get "WINGO" you get to play PLINKO for the GRAND PRIZE!! That's right....you get a GRAND PRIZE with a value of at least $40!!!  Grand Prizes change every week! 

WMG Game Night Bags!!

  • Deal or No Deal Rules:

    1. Must purchase a bag to play. You can purchase anytime, even during the LIVE! :)

    2. You can purchase as many bags as you'd like! 

    3. You get to pick up to two (2) bags per bag purchased. 

    Rules for Wingo!

    1. Each player will be assigned a line on the Wingo board. I will call out numbers one at a time. 

    2. The first row to have all the numbers, wins! Depending on the number of players, there may be more than one (1) winner! 


    1. The winner(s) of Wingo get to play Plinko! 

    2. Each winner of Wingo will get to drop two(2) disks. Each space on the Plinko board has a different prize! You choose where I will drop your disk for you. Once both discs are dropped, you get to choose which prize you'd like from where the disks landed!