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Sign Insurance

$6.00 plus tax

Sign insurance is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable. The person making and painting the sign must purchase the insurance at checkout. If you are purchasing a large group’s order at once please make note of whom the insurance is for. Insurance is only valid for 5 hours after the event is to begin. Sign insurance cannot be purchased after you purchase your sign. If we need to replace your sign we will take the original one with us. You do not get to keep it.

Sign Insurance Does Include
1. 100% replacement if you or I misspelled any names (first, middle or last) during checkout.
2. 100% replacement if you or I misspelled or typed the wrong state, year, date, and city.
3. 100% replacement if your stencil did not cooperate and stuck to itself.
4. 100% replacement if your stencil did not cooperate and clung to the board before you had it placed.
5. 100% replacement if you paint bleeds more than minor cleanup can fix.
6. 100% replacement if the wood grain splinters or pulls up more than can be fixed by your instructor.
7. A coupon code for the pre-taxed amount you paid for your class if you can no longer attend the event and/or do not want to send someone in your place to make the sign. You must notify Gena directly before the event starts if you will not be able to attend. You can use this code to sign up for another event or you can use it to shop our live Facebook sales. This code is only valid for 4 months. We cannot guarantee there will be any nearby events or Facebook live sales within that time-period though. If you do sign up for another class you must purchase another sign insurance for the benefits. This original insurance will be voided after the coupon has been issued.
8. If a class must be canceled or rescheduled due to weather, instructor’s emergency or not enough participants your sign insurance will still be valid for the next event you sign up for. If you opt to use the credit toward our Facebook live sale you will forfeit your sign insurance and will not be refunded for it.

Sign Insurance Does NOT Include Replacement
1. If you entered the wrong design or stain choice at checkout.
2. If you realize a name, date, city, state, word is incorrect or spelt wrong 5 or more hours after the start of the event.
3. If you do something inappropriate and stick the stencil to something other than your board. (i.e. your face)
4. If you place your stencil on the board crooked.
5.If you apply your paint too thick or swipe the paint on instead of dabbing.
6. If you pull your stencil off before your paint is completely dried and smear paint in the process.
7. If wood grain minorly peels up and your instructor can fix it. This is sometimes caused by damp weather and is beyond our control.
8. If you do not like the way your sign turned out. {If you do not like the colors of paint, stain and/or the quality of your wood and/or placement of knots and/or the way you distressed your sign.}
9. If you are late or miss instructions and try to make your sign without any direction from your instructor.
10. If you fail to be courteous and listen to your instructor’s entire demonstration.

By purchasing insurance you agree to all of the above. 

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