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Pebble Beach

Amanda Boots

About the Artist

I am an abstract and seascape resin artist living in Des Moines, Iowa with my three amazing kids. I am the daughter of the most loving Father, and the co-artist behind Wonderfully Made Gifts.

As a little girl I would sit in my room for hours just listening to worship music, singing, and writing my own songs for Jesus. I’d often fall asleep listening to the music play, holding onto the hope they spoke so much about. Music got me through some really, really, dark times in my life.

By the time I was six years old, the world had defined me as an unwanted, unplanned, abused, neglected, abandoned, left for dead, orphan. But through every horrific tragedy, God was with me. Through the art of music, He told me I was loved, wanted, cherished, and that I mattered.

Today, art brings me joy as I co-create with the Holy Spirit. Worship is a near constant in my home and studio and His presence fills the space as each piece is carefully created and prayed over.

Just as each piece is uniquely designed, so is each and every one of us. My prayer is that no matter what your story, you know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and deeply loved by your Father in Heaven.

Blessings and favor,

Amanda Boots

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